Day 2 of 2011 in Review

Where have you discovered community in 2011? What are the defining characteristics and essential qualities of your tribe?

This prompt was posted here:—reverb11—sangha-community/

In a tent built by a homeless couple when they asked, “Would you like to see where we live?”
Marching in protest around the state capital and in the nation’s capital.
In the spaces between my fingers as a child clutched my hand.
Sitting in my mother’s room, surrounded by loved ones as she transitioned out of this world.
Listening to a friend perform a song she composed.
Listening to a friend read from a book he wrote.
Singing. Dancing. Eating. Walking. Smiling. Hugging. Laughing. Crying. Listening. Speaking. With friends and new acquaintances.
Looking into the eyes of someone I’d just met and declaring, “My liberation depends on your liberation.”
Driving in my car catching up with a dear young friend after not seeing her for two weeks.
Standing in the kitchen at the church where I grew up, thanking old friends for a meaningful afternoon.
Exploring the neighborhood with a couple of canines.
Online. Offline.

My tribe is carbon-based. Guess that’s pretty essential. Perhaps.


One thought on “Community

  1. Sigrid Iversen says:

    For me, the question would be where HAVEN’T I seen community. It is visible everywhere, you simply need to recognize it and nurture it. I ran for office in 2010 with the theme community, I had no idea what I was tapping into, how important it is to me personally and the worId in general. In any “tribe” (but for sure “mine”) I would say love, open communication, and honesty are some of the most important traits. To have authenticity in any relationship these are necessary. When these are not intact, community and relationships break down!

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